Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Generic visual perception processor GVPP

Generic visual perception processor is a single chip modeled on the perception capabilities of human brain, which can detect objects in a motion video signal and then locate and track them in a real time. Imitating the human eye’s neural networks and brain, the chip can handle about 20 billion instructions per second. This electronic eye on a chip can handle a task that ranges from sensing the variable parameters as in the form of video signals and then process it for controlling purpose. This electronic “eye” on a chip can now handle most tasks that a normal human eye can. This includes driving safely, selecting ripe fruits, reading and recognizing things. The Generic visual perception processor has been developed after 10 years of scientific effort. Sadly, though modeled on the visual perception capabilities of the human brain, the chip is not really a medical marvel, poised to cure the blind.

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